Who can access the CPMS?
There is an eligibility criteria which must be met in order for a healthcare professional to access the system as a regular user:

  • The healthcare professional must work for an EU Healthcare Provider (this HCP must be Member of an ERN)
  • The healthcare professional must obey to the regulations regarding sensitive patient data.

  • Nevertheless, if you work for a Healthcare Provider which is not part of an ERN then you may still access the system as a Guest User . Generally, guest user accounts are closed within 90 days. However, can be extended under certain circumstances. To request Guest Access you need to do so through SAAS where there is the option to select to be a Guest User.

    Employees who aren’t clinicians can still be granted access to CPMS so long as they:

  • Are employed in an ERN HCP
  • Have signed a confidentiality statement
  • Are considered healthcare professionals

  • You will not be eligible to access CPMS if you aren’t a healthcare professional or if you are a Health professional working for a non-EU healthcare provider. Furthermore, patients’ representatives are not able to be members unless they are invited as a guest.
    Last Updated: 24 Jan 2019
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